Monday, June 09, 2008

10 Questions every Christian must answer

These are good questions, but doubt that Christians will even watch this whole video. They will automatically go into the "you are persecuting me" mode and totally evade the questions. Or as some have done at the YouTube site, answer questions with questions like one dude wrote ten questions for atheists but never even tried to address even one of the points in this video.


Jason H. Bowden said...

As far as the video is concerned, the standard Christian response is that testimony serves as their evidence, along with the order of history and personal revelation. A liberal Christian can say that prayer is not a petition, but a form of listening -- their relationship with God is personal, not instrumental. The reply is that this is an abuse of ordinary language; prayer by definition is a petition, so listening to the divine would be a different activity.

If suffering is a proof of the non-existence of a loving God, would ubiquitous pleasure and sensuousness be the proof? Certainly not. Since a perfect world would not be proof of God, it is unreasonable to conclude a world that does not satisfy all of our desires is a disproof.

My questions focus on the wisdom of Christian morality, the justice of the Christian salvation scheme, and the role of the God-human.

For example, it isn't smart to extend love to your enemies; Christendom "mooches" in a sense on unChristian morality along with internal hypocrisy if it is to survive. It is like a parasite that can only thrive in a vigorous host, like ancient Rome or modern America.

Christian ideas of salvation and damnation raise questions about the justice of God. Some very malicious people will be going to heaven because they believe, while some very excellent individuals will be consigned to the flames just because they don't. Faith functions as a "get out of jail free" card in many evangelical Christian sects.

Lastly, what is the point of the entire drama of the God-man? An omnipotent being doesn't have to go through all that to forgive sins-- this can be done by fiat. Moreover, it appears Jesus didn't die for humanity's sins, since unbelievers are still sent to hell according to Christian dogma.

Stardust said...

Moreover, it appears Jesus didn't die for humanity's sins, since unbelievers are still sent to hell according to Christian dogma.

Excellently said, I will have to remember this for future arguments. Though I am sure that believers will twist it and say that Jesus died to give humanity a "chance" at salvation. It's hard to debate with people who make up the facts as they go along.

Tommy said...

One Christian blogger I have tangled with who goes by the name of Rhology stated emphatically that he believes that Jeffrey Dahmer is in heaven if he sincerely accepted Christ before he died, whereas anyone who does not accept Christ, no matter how good they may otherwise be, will suffer for an eternity in hell.

I would ask why, if belief in Christ is necessary for salvation, why god would allow people to be born into this world who are so mentally damaged that they are incapable of making informed choices. Does god give them a pass because they are mentally deficient, or do they burn in hell too?