Monday, June 30, 2008

More marketing to Christians - Virtue® perfume

All this expense and effort to maintain God belief. It’s such a struggle. :roll:

When I have writer’s block I can always count on visiting some Xian blogs to find something to bizarre to write about eventually. I ran across this and read thoroughly to make sure that it wasn’t some kind of parody or spoof. Nope…it’s the real thing. You can order your own bottle right here at

“We created Virtue perfume as a tool to assist people to accelerate their identification with the still, silent part of ourselves, and to assist those who have trouble holding in their awareness, this conscious connection to the formlessness of BEing Still. When we say it’s to remind you of God, we mean it helps a person refer their attention in any given moment, to the ‘Stillness and Presence’ of what we call God”


“I recently received a bottle of Virtue® from a friend. It was given to me in the midst of an inspiring and prayerful conversation. Virtue® has become part of a morning ritual for me, as I get ready to start my day. When I use Virtue® I associate the scent with my peaceful morning prayers that I walk in Faith and know I am in God’s hands. Throughout the day, the scent reminds me of those prayers and helps sustain me.”

Sincerely, Jill M.

“The concept is such a good idea, and I look forward to gradually associating that smell with my ‘Spiritual State,’ so that each time I get a whiff of it during the day, I’ll instantly feel that refreshment and reverence.”

Stephanie S.

“I wear VIRTUE® because of what it symbolizes in purity of intention, thought and deed. It is a beautiful fragrance with a higher meaning that I believe most human beings aspire to.

I have given it to my loved ones and strangers who have asked “What is that beautiful fragrance you are wearing?” The 6 years of biblical research to birth this fragrance is not only fascinating, but also an opportunity to share testimony with others.

The best use so far has been spraying it in my home, my children’s room or on their pillow before they sleep. To all of my sisters in Christ I say: A mother’s heart is like a deep well that bursts forth in tears when her children are in pain, who prays endlessly for love to guide them to a righteous path and blesses the broken road because their journey will end in strength, faith and a victorious life.

Ultimately, it is my desire to be a pleasing fragrance to God and that is why I wear VIRTUE® and have shared my testimony.”

Joanne A.

What it all really comes down to is money and marketing. Virtue® perfume is not very affordably-priced. It’s $80.00 for 1.7 fl. oz. in a bottle with 24 KT Gold Raised Lettering!
$42.00 for Virtue® Body Lotion w/Pomegranate & Resurrection Plant. :roll: ($99.00 when you buy both together.) Why waste money on feeding the poor or helping the homeless when there always will be poor and homeless and you can spend the money on yourself so you can keep yourself brainwashed while you are away from the rest of the "flock".

(There are no Virtue® products for men that I could see.)

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