Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bystanders ignore hit-and-run victim

This absolutely boggles my mind. A man is hit by a car, and the driver speeds off, and bystanders and passersby do nothing to help him. No one calls 911, no one attempts to give him aid. What the hell is wrong with people? And Christians, do not tell me it’s because of the “atheist influence” in a country that is supposedly “morally superior” because the majority holds God beliefs. Probably most bystanders in this video would most likely say they are god believers. This is absolutely despicable to stand by and do nothing no matter who they are.

Story from Associated Press
Video shows bystanders ignoring hit-and-run victim


Jason H. Bowden said...

Bystander Effect

Stardust said...

In that link you provided it says"Since others are doing exactly the same, everyone concludes from the inaction of others that other people do not think that help is needed."

Wouldn't a man getting clobbered by a car, tossed in the air and then laying bleeding in the middle of the street be OBVIOUS this man needs help? No one has a cell phone or knows how to dial three little numbers? This is really appalling.

Anonymous said...

Not giving any excuse whatsoever, but I wonder if what was going through the bystanders' minds was they didn't want to get sued for moving the guy the wrong way???

Sad to say that some people that have helped someone like that have been sued before.

I know it ain't nothing to do with this so-called lack of faith in the gawd fellow, but it does show a tremendous lack of caring for our fellow man and woman. Don't care what religion or non-religion you belong to.

Stardust said...

Greg, yes, in today's world there is a big worry about being sued after being blamed for making an injured or sick person's condition worse by trying to help. But at least someone could have dialed 911 even if they didn't want to move him. Or at least stand there and block traffic till an ambulance came. No one did anything like that.

Then again, in fairness to humanity, look at Katrina and other disasters where people come even from great distances to help. I wouldn't want to live in Hartford, Connecticut if that is how the people are there.

Tommy said...

I certainly wouldn't ignore a hit and run victim, unless maybe it was Rush Limbaugh or Michelle Malkin. Well, I would help them. I would just take my time going about it.

"Hang in their Rush, I will be right with ya! I just need to get an iced Caffe Mocha from Starbucks first."