Monday, June 09, 2008

The silly "God exists because you can't prove he doesn't" argument

Recently, I have had a couple of trolls come by and tell me that I cannot prove that god doesn't exist, therefore, god exists. So, if it is determined that gods exist because we cannot prove they don't exist, then the Hindu Monkey God or Lord Ganesha the Elephant God must be real because we cannot prove that they don't exist. We cannot prove that Zeus doesn't exist, we cannot prove that Isis and Osiris don't exist, so they must be real according to the reasoning of many Christians.

Here is a list of many, but not all, of the gods people still worship in the world today that must exist because we cannot prove they don't.

AGNI Fire God – Hindu
APOLLO God of wisdom, music, poetry and medicine – Greek and Roman
ARES God of war – Greek and Roman
AEOLUS God of winds - Greek and Roman
AESIR Principle God of Norse Mythology
AMMON Ancient Egyptian God – Identified by Greek and Romans with ZEUS
AMON Ancient Egyptian Deity – later on identified Sun God
AMPHITRITE Goddess of the sea - Greek and Roman
ARANYANI Goddess of forests – Hindu
ARTEMIS Goddess of Moon and Hunting - Greek and Roman – Apollo's twin sister
ASCLEPIUS God of healing - Greek and Roman
ASGARD Home of the Gods – Norse
ASHTORETH Goddess of love and Fertility – Syria
ASHURE God of War and Empire (ASSYRIA)
ASTARTE Goddess of fertility and sexual love –(Semetic)
ATE Goddess personifying criminal folly or reckless ambition - Greek and Roman
ATHENA Goddess of Wisdom, skills and warfare - Greek and Roman
ATLAS Titan – Titan holding the heavens on his shoulders - Greek and Roman
AURORA Goddess of Dawn – Roman
BACHUS God of wine revelry (Ancient Greek and Roman)
BOREAS God of the North Wind - Greek and Roman
CHANDRA God of Moon – Moon God – Hindu
CERES Goddess of agriculture and Goddess of Corn (Rome)
CRONUS God of Agriculture - Greek and Roman
CUPID God of love – Son of Venus – Rome
CYNTHIA Goddess of Moon
THEMETER Goddess of agriculture- Greek and Roman
DIANA Virgin Goddess of moon and Godess of hunting – Roman
DIONYSUS God of Wine and revelry - Greek and Roman (Bacchus)
DIS God of the lower world
DOLORES Goddess of sorrow- Greek and Roman
EOS Goddess of dawn - Greek and Roman
ERIS Goddess of strife and discord - Greek and Roman
EROS God of Love - Greek and Roman
FLORA Goddess of Flowers - Roman
GAEA Goddess Earth - Greek and Roman
GRACES the Three sister Goddesses who control pleasure, charm Elegance and Beauty in human life and in Nature - Greek and Roman
HANUMAN Monkey God – Hindu
HEBE Goddess of youth – Goddess who serves nectar - Greek and Roman
HECATE Goddess of Moon, Earth and Underworld later regarded as the Goddess of Sorcery.
HELIOS Sun God - Greek and Roman
HEPHAESTUS God of Fire and Forge - Greek and Roman
HERA Wife of Zeus - Goddess of Marriage - Greek and Roman
HERCULES God of Strength - Son of Zeus - Greek and Roman
HERMES A god who served as messenger of other Gods - Greek and Roman
HYMEN God of Marriage - Greek and Roman
HESTIA Goddess of Hearth and Chief Goddess of domestic activity - Greek and Roman
IDA Goddess of Youth - Old German
INDRA God of rain, thunder lightening and war – Hindu
ISHTAR Goddess of love and fertility – Baylonian
ISIS Goddess of fertility – Egyptian
JANUS God who was guardian of portals and patron of beginnings and endings. His head is shown with two faces- one in the front and one at the back- Roman
JUNO Wife of Jupiter - Queen of Gods and Goddesses of marriages –Roman
JUPITER Chief Roman God identified with Greek God Zeus
KAMA God of love - Hindu
KARTHIKEYA God of war – Hindu
LAKSHMI Goddess of wealth - Hindu
MARA God of death – Buddhist
MARUTH God of storms - Hindu
LUNA Goddess of Moon – Roman
MARS God of War – Roman
MERCURY God of Commerce, manual skill, eloquence, and cleverness – Roman
MORPHEUS God of Dreams - Greek and Roman
MUSE Any of nine Goddesses of literature, arts and sciences – Greek and Roman
NEMESIS God of retribution or vengeance - Greek and Roman
NEPTUNE God of the sea - Roman
NEREUS Benevolent sea God - Greek and Roman
NIKE Goddess of victory
NORSE Any of the three Goddessess of fate.
NYMPH Any one of the group of minor Goddesses - Greek and Roman
NYX Goddess of night - Greek and Romans
ODIN (Norse) –The chief God
OLYMPIAN Any of the Gods on Mount Olympus
ORMAZD The Supreme Deity and the Creator of the world. (Zores)
OSIRIS Ancient Egyptian God of the Lower world
PALLAS Goddess of wisdom- Greek and Roman
PAN Goddess of fields - Greek and Roman
PENANTES The household Gods of the Romans.
PERSOPHONE Roman Goddess
PHOEBUS God of Wisdom- Greek and Roman
POSEIDON God of sea- Greek and Roman
PRIAPUS God of procreative power –male- Greek and Roman
PROSERPINE Greek Goddess
PROTEUS The sea God who can change His own form at his will - Greek and Roman
PSYCHE Wife of Lord Cupid- Greek and Roman
RA Sun God and Chief God of ancient Egyptians usually depicted as having the head of a hawk
SARASWATI Goddess of learning- Hindu
SATURN God of Agriculture- Roman
THE METER Goddess of agriculture- Greek and Roman
THETIS A Sea Goddess
VENUS Goddess of love and beauty-Roman
VESTA Goddess of fire- Roman
ZEPHYRUS Greek God of the West Winds.

So, all of these gods people around the world believe in exist since you can't prove they don't?

Here is a good satirical video by Edward Current

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CyberKitten said...

Stardust asked: So, all of these gods people around the world believe in exist since you can't prove they don't?

Of course not! There is only *one* TRUE God - the God of the Christians/Jews/Muslims (depending on which monotheist is posting....)

Darwin's Dagger said...

I just tell such people to stock up on the garlic, because you can't prove that vampires don't exist either.