Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blasphemy- The Movie

H/T to my friend KA over at biblioblography for pointing to this one.

I am going to rent this via Netflix so I can watch the entire thing. You can view it via YouTube in seven parts.

Synopsis:Martian Garcia announces to his parents that not only is he proud to have converted to Atheism, but he intends to tell his whole family on Christmas. His parents then disown him on the spot, and they turn to his Aunt Patrica, who turns the rest of his family against him, and she's determined to either bring him back to the fold or kill him trying.

(That's what some religious folks to, disown their own relatives when they don't accept their worldview as truth...I have had it happen to me with a couple of members of my extended family. Hopefully one day they will see just how unnecessary and extreme their actions were all because I asked them nicely not to witness to me via email or otherwise.)

Here is part two, just for a preview:

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Krystalline Apostate said...

Glad you liked it, doll.
The young fella in question is Hispanic, which kind of makes it doubly difficult for the poor guy. But he's a pretty sharp customer.