Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Greatest Story Ever Told - again and again and again

Christianity is just a spin-off of other past religions, based on the movement of the sun. The sun worshipers were closer to the truth than other god creators. The sun is what gives us life, we cannot live without the sun. Throughout time, "sun" turned into "son" in various religions. But it's all based on astrology. The Egyptian religion is very likely the basis of the Christian religion.

This revealing documentary is part of the piece called Zeitgeist. This segment deals with the Ancient African origins of the Christ story based upon the story of Heru (Horus), Auset (Isis) and Ausar (Osiris). Even though the documentary says the story occurs around 3,000 B.C. It actually goes back to about 8,000 B.C.

This documentary shows in clear cut manner shows the similarities between Heru, the other crucified saviors and Jesus the Christ. It is all based on the journey of the Sun through out the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The Astro Theology has been put into literal form and taught as Theology. This is inaccurate.

A few of the similarities are between Heru and Jesus are:

1) The Virgin Birth
2) The Annuniciation
3) The Crucifixtion
4) Resurrection
5) 12 Disiciples
6) Birth on December 25th
7) Healing the sick
8) Raising the Dead
9) A Star in the East
10) Three Kings or Wise Men
11) Started teaching at age 12
12) Was dead for 3 days

Watch the videos:

Part 2

Part 3


Cole said...

I remember watching this last year. Very interesting videos. I have since read a critique of all this by Hank Hanegraaff but I can't remember what all he said about it. Maybe I'll try to find it later. Anyway, very good post. Thanks for posting it. :)

Oh just a side note. I really love the music they used in the vidio. Verry cool.

Uruk said...

Finding out historical information like what's in your post was a heavy load upon my faith. I hanged in there for a while, but other things added up until my religious faith was crushed.

I haven't watched these videos, yet. But, I plan to. I've never heard of these. Thanks for posting it.

Also, Just wanted to mention that some people I think exaggerate the similarities between Jesus and others. But it doesn't matter. The similarities are there, nonetheless and really point to the idea that religion comes from the mind of humanity, and not from god(s) above.

tina FCD said...

I absolutely love these vids. I watched them a couple of times about a year or so ago, thanks for reminding me of them.

tina FCD said...

Did you see this yet?

I thought you would blog about it, was waiting to see..?

Stardust said...

Tina, thanks for the link. I did see that and will be doing a post on it soon.