Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheesus and other "spiritual" iconography

Instead of imprinting his image on the ass ends of dogs and cats and on cheese puffs, etc. why doesn't this god drop loaves of bread and fish in the laps of the starving? (Because god does not exist, Jesus if he existed is long dead, and humans have some incredible imaginations.)

Thanks to my friend Bob for yet another good find for our amusement. I will be highlighting some of these "findings" for my Culinary Iconography collection (links found in my sidebar).


Loridae said...

I shutter to think that there are people this damn ignorant! I mean, I know their there, I just hate to be reminded! Even if you get the gentile image of Christ in a cheeto, or a water mark, it's just a coincidence like if you saw Uncle Murry in said cheeto. If Christians have all this faith then why do they keep looking for 'signs' from God? And why do we know their Bible better than they do, because God said there would be no more miracles.

Stardust said...

Loridae, I hear ya! There are so many of them. While channel flipping, have you ever just stopped on one of those evangelist stations and listened to them speak? One of my favorites is that woman with the real long hair who wears a pastor's suit and collar trying to look intelligent. When she speaks, she may as well be speaking in tongues. She is all over the place and makes no sense. Nothing connects. And she acts like she is a professor with all of her marker boards, etc.