Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Medieval bizarrness

So much stuff can be found on the grotesque beliefs and rituals of the Christian church throughout the centuries. How people in today's world can still have anything to do with an ancient religion in any way, shape or form is beyond me. In these modern times, with education and all the information we now have, many of us find it mind-boggling how folks can still cling to religions associated with unrealistic, barbaric, hideous, crazy beliefs. What do the people today do when they find something like the girl in the story below? They bury her with some other "new and improved" form of mythology.

Girl decapitated 700 years ago gets church burial

LONDON – More than 200 people have attended the funeral of a teenage girl decapitated 700 years ago in a gruesome medieval ritual.

Archaeologists discovered the girl's body two years ago in unconsecrated ground beside an English church. Her head had been placed beside the body.

Experts believe she may have been executed or committed suicide and then decapitated. The ritual was sometimes done during medieval times to deny Christians eternal life.

The church's vicar, the Rev. Andy Harding, requested that the girl be reburied in the main churchyard. Harding said that whoever she was or what she had done, "everyone deserves a dignified and respectable funeral."

Yeah, complete with magical incense, magical holy water and magical incantations...yeah, that's more respectable. (sarcasm)

The ceremony was held Saturday at Hoo St. Werburgh parish church, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) southeast of London.

The more respectable thing to do would be just let the poor maiden's remains RIP.

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Cole said...

I agree. I believe I would just leave it alone.