Monday, March 09, 2009

Terrible tragedy in Illinois church

We atheists know the answer to that question…God never shows up because he doesn’t exist. But the believers still cling to the delusion that God is with them even when he doesn’t come to protect even his own followers in their sacred and holy temples.

Recently, there was a shooting at a church in Illinois where a deranged 27-year-old man walked into a Baptist church, up the aisle and shot the pastor to death. While these Baptist folks profess they believe that everything is “god’s will”, they blame the fictitious devil when bad stuff like this happens.

MARYVILLE, Ill. – A man suspected of killing a pastor with a barrage of shots that ripped through the church leader’s Bible was in serious condition Monday from stab wounds he suffered in the confrontation, and authorities expect to charge him soon.

The gunman, identified by authorities only as a 27-year-old from Troy, strode toward the Rev. Fred Winters shortly after 8 a.m. Sunday, exchanged words with him, then fired a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol until it jammed. Winters, 45, later died of his injuries.

I am not here to make light of a man dying in a very violent and tragic way. The reverend was a family man, and doing his own thing inside his own church. However, what the other pastor is telling the congregation and the news media is completely absurd. He is using this terrible incident to control his flock by “reinforcing” to them that this was some sort of an act of evil instead of being honest and saying that this was a mentally-ill person who happened to choose their establishment to take out whatever hidden wrath was built up inside him.

The Rev. Mark Jones, another First Baptist pastor, later urged a Sunday evening prayer service attended by hundreds at nearby Metro Community Church in Edwardsville to be resilient after “this attack from the forces of hell.”

The standing-room-only crowd cried, cradled Bibles and stretched their hands skyward as they packed into the church, many watching the service on large television monitors in overflow areas.

“We need to reassure our hearts and reinforce our minds that Pastor Fred is in that place that we call heaven,” Jones said. “Church, evil does exist. Today, we saw the visible results of evil and its influence.”

There it is, right out of his own mouth “need to reassure our hearts and reinforce our minds” — in other words “we must keep ourselves brainwashed instead of seeing things as they really happened.” What really happened was a mentally-ill individual, for whatever reasons, took his pent-up anger out on a place he either chose by random or had a beef with…

and again, no god came to save his own followers in the “sanctity” of their own “holy and blessed” gathering place. It also goes to show just how fragile their faith is if they need to keep “reinforcing their minds.” Deep down they have to be questioning why their god never shows up in times like these, not even in his own holiest of places.

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