Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bill Maher on Religious Cults, The Pope & Catholic Church

Bill Maher gets away with saying it like it is. It would be nice if more atheists were open and honest as he is in what they really think about religion. Believers try to disassociate themselves with incidents like this, saying it as "just another religious cult and not representative of moderate religion." Many will say it's just nutjobs taking religion too far. But that's the thing with religion. It is meant to control people. And too easy to get out of hand. People going off to organize by themselves is a dangerous thing, especially for the children involved. They think they are hiding them from "the world", but they are part of the world and religion and their god beliefs will not protect them. No god will ever protect the innocent children who are always the most hurt in all this crap. Once again HUMAN BEINGS to the rescue! (Thank human goodness.) And now the children have years and years of healing to do, with HUMAN INTERVENTION and guidance.

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Anonymous said...

That does it!
I'm adding HBO back to my lineup!

Thanks for that video of Bill Maher, Stardust! Each and every time, he tells it like it is!