Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's bounce this idea off of Pope Ratzi

And in the news today:

Pope says clergy abuse scandal sometimes 'badly handled'

By badly, he means mean it wasn't covered up enough . Need to keep it a secret because when these nasty scandals leak out and all those pesky arrests and lawsuits arise, the church loses MONEY and we all know that the Catholic church especially cannot operate without money. God needs lots and lots of moola!


Tommy said...

Plus, letting priests marry would stem the decline in the number of people studying to enter the priesthood. I did a post about an article I read in the NY Times here.

Jason H. Bowden said...

Who in their right mind would want to be a priest?

Stardust said...

Who in their right mind would want to be a priest? People who want a free living doing pretty much nothing but pretend to be a god botherer.

CyberKitten said...

stardust asked: Who in their right mind would want to be a priest?

Very few people apparently. In the UK they're having to close churches or amalgamate congragations because of the lack of priests/ministers etc... It's a *huge* problem apparently. Its the same for nuns too - very few people see it as a valid vocation any more.

Stardust said...

You're right, Cyberkitten. And it seems the only ones who want to go into the priesthood anymore are the pedophiles...or because it looks like an easy way not to have to find work in the real world. This goes for protestant pastors, as well. Every...and I am not exaggerating...EVERY pastor we have had at the many protestant churches we have been associated with over the years...(our christian years) have come from farms and big families. They became pastors they say "because of a calling" instead of taking over the hard work of their family farm. As for priests, I can't explain anyone WANTING to be celibate unless they have some issues from their past (I wonder if research is done about how many pedophile priests have been sexually abused as children???)

In any other things that our children are involved in, parents want to make sure the organization leaders are reputable. They want their teachers to be certified and checked out (the real reason for the need for certification, not because certification lends any teaching advantages). Teachers and social workers in the secular realm are fingerprinted, a background check done making sure no criminal records, etc.

But for some reason, people trust clergy, trust volunteers and Sunday School teachers of the churches. Look how many people send their kids off to church schools, Sunday Schools, confirmation classes, youth groups, etc without batting an eye because it's some kind of magical "god's world". Well, god never ever protects children from predators from inside the "sanctuaries" and never protects children from abuse of any kind. Parents must do that. And in order to curb this sexual molestation parents really need to evaluate church leaders and be just as cautious of them as they are of their public school teachers and staff.

No magic will protect children. No wishful thinking. People have to get with reality and understand that only humans can protect other humans, only parents and caretakers can protect children.

It really pisses me off with the pope's lame "apologies" and meeting with the abused...and the sheeple trust him because he wears a big pointy hat and gowns.

Tommy said...

I don't know if research has been done, though I have read and heard in several places that some men who don't want to accept that they are gay enter the priesthood because they believe that living in a celibate environment will keep them from engaging in homosexual conduct. The problem is, of course, is that you throw a whole bunch of guys like that into the mix and celibacy probably becomes harder than if they had just stayed away from the priesthood.

Greg said...

You know what's sad about all this?
It seems the media was actually buying that crap about the apologies!
As if saying "I'm sorry" can make up for years - no - decades! - of complicity through not reporting the actions of their holy flock!