Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pentecostal Snake Handlers in Appalachia

Here is an interesting documentary on snake handlers. If people went around behaving like this amongst the general public, they would most likely be locked up in the looney bin. Funny how these people never speak in tongues or"get the spirit" in the middle of Kmart or the grocery store, but is always confined to inside their churches (thank goodness.) For the people who get bit by these snakes and die, they say the person just didn't have enough faith. If they don't get bit, then their faith is strong and god is with them. Do they really think that a god would be playing magic tricks with snakes while there are so many huge problems in the world?

A question is raised by this documentary. Should these people be allowed to practice their wacky beliefs when they are endangering themselves and their children? I say as for the adults, they can do what they want, but if it was unrelated to religion, authorities would be in there and saying they cannot have dangerous "pets" on the premises. What is your opinion?

Here is a segment from the documentary:

Here is a funny song I found online about snake handlers. . .

Bob Jenkins and the Snake Handling Church Song


Tommy said...

Oh, let them have their snakes. Need to thin the herd.

Stardust said...

LOL! Darwin at work.

tina FCD said...

Oooo ditto!

snakeman said...

Definitely Darwin at work. In May 2012 another preacher was killed from the bite of a Timber Rattlesnake. Maybe a few of these guys should do a snake handling course or two.
All the best