Monday, April 14, 2008

Simply a matter of faith

This is an older video of the CBS Sunday Morning program, back in August 2007 featuring Julia Sweeney, Christopher Hitchens, and Ellen Johnson.

Julia's mother is an example of how god believers refuse to accept that some people just do not and cannot accept god beliefs. They want to believe that we will all one day "come back" to the delusion. Those who stay away from family members and friends who have gone from belief to non-belief just shows how fragile that faith is if just our mere presence bothers them. We are a reminder that life goes on with or without it. They cling to it because of their own wants and needs, not because of evidence. They don't need evidence, as Julia's mother points out. They just need to hold onto their "faith"


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I watched the entire thing, while being told that I'm part of, basically, an insignificant minority!

On the other hand - IT'S PAT !!!!!
OMG now I know who played that character!!!

I have to say that at least they brought up the idea that most americans who "believe" are really doing it out of habit.

tina FCD said...

But I do think atheists are growing in numbers, not only coming out but are thinking outside the box.

Spirula said...

I had to stop when at the "hold on, it's time to hear from the other side". Because, of course, we never have. Gaaah!

Shit, I hate the pathetic crop of journalists out there (like this story and the "faith" hard questions). President sanctioned torture? Feh! Let's talk about "bitter"!

By the way, in case some don't know, Julia Sweeny has a blog.

Jason H. Bowden said...

"Let's talk about "bitter"!"

Absolutely. I love it when the Democrats say they're for regular people, and then get all Marcuse on us. Phonies.

Stardust said...

Thanks for the link, spirula. I didn't know she had a regular blog.

Stardust said...


Seems like the Dems are too often "mis-speaking" in this campaign. Embarrassing and frustrating.

All politicians are far above the "normal people". Have to have money to get elected in this country so the elite from all parties are the only ones who seem to be able to win. The rethuglicans do their share of lying. Big lies, too. Like Iraq having weapons of mass destruction when they didn't, etc.

Stardust said...

At the moment though, McCain ironically seems far, far less fundie than the two Democratic candidates. Weird.

Jason H. Bowden said...


Conservatives struggle to convey our actual intentions. For example, when we argue that a decentralized model will improve our education system, a crazy liberal might say it is a secret sinister plot to ruin education and make people zombies for corporations.

Liberals struggle to hide their true intentions. For example, they cannot say that the proletariat and the bourgeoisie are in a battle to the death, so instead they might say there are "two Americas." Of course, they think they have mystical union with the proletariat, but don't like the proletariat's religion, guns, and unhealthy foods. Every once in a while the Marxist dogma of false consciousness slips out, as Obama's "bitter" comment reveals. (In Afro-centric Liberation Theology, only us whites have false consciousness. Angry Blacks are in a state of grace.)

Democrats can be champions of the sheeple, or they can be sheeple haters. Can't have both.

Obama's Marxism is really stupid when you think about it. The white Churchies he hates aren't displacing their economic worries-- they're actually quite concerned about the economy. The working class churchies who hate "greed" and "materialism" are natural Democrats. Seizing defeat from the jaws of victory seems to be the paradigm over on the left these days.