Monday, April 14, 2008

Once again, money wasted on superstitious belief

This time to dig up concrete to remove a piece of sew-together FABRIC! Just goes to show how utterly ridiculous some humans are. Humans are just naturally superstitious. It isn't because "religion is calling". It doesn't matter what it is...ghosts, goblins, devils, angels, gods, goddesses, blessings and CURSES. I know sports people have their superstitions and little "good luck" and "bad luck" beliefs, but this one is quite costly. What a waste of time and money.

Here's the video link: "Curse" is excavated

LINK TO STORY: Yanks unearth Sox jersey at new stadium

NEW YORK - So much for the curse. The New York Yankees have ended a construction worker's attempt to jinx their new stadium with a buried Boston Red Sox jersey.

Team officials watched Sunday as construction workers removed the jersey, with slugger David Ortiz's name on it, from 2 feet of concrete in a service corridor of the stadium that's under construction.

The team says a construction worker — who is a Red Sox fan — recently buried the jersey there while on the job. Two other supervisors found the tattered shirt Saturday.

The Yankees plan to donate the jersey to charity, and may pursue a lawsuit against the construction worker.

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