In the photo, Pastor Tom Rives,costumed as KoKoMo the clown, left, and Kim Fults, as Paisley, perform a skit during a Christmas show at the Carrollwood Baptist Church about what Xians believe is the real meaning of Christmas. (We all know it's all about presents and Santa Claus. Without capitalism, and all the pagan aspects, Xmas would be just another dull and boring church day for Xians.)

Now, it's hard enough to take god believers' mythology seriously, but even moreso when when they have to start resorting to calling in clowns and circus acts to manipulate their own CHURCHGOERS! There must be a whole lot of atheists/agnostics hiding in churches! And of course, we must consider ways they invent to attempt to brainwash the children…what better way than a clown (well, for those who don’t hate clowns, anyway. I am not particularly fond of clowns and they only send me running for the nearest exit.)

(I am laughing while writing this)
Clowns spread the Gospel
The irony of that statement is hilarious!

Rives believes clowning is a means to teach about Christ. “People who wouldn’t talk to a preacher will talk to a clown,” he says.

Well, at least they are being honest for once. A preacher is much more annoying and sometimes scarier than a clown.

Out of sight, Rives and 10 other clowns gather in a circle while the pastor prays.