What a total contradiction that statement is! Humans intentionally kill, a god intentionally kills…is there any difference?

If humans intentionally kill other humans, most god believers are the first to say “get a noose!” in the name of “justice”. Hang ‘em high! Electrocute the bastards! Kill the child molesters and murderous scum of society. But then on the other hand, they believe that it is okay for their god to maim and kill even his most faithful in the most horrendous ways.

Here is yet another sad story about “God’s ways”:

LINK: Van carrying Amish crashes on Indiana interstate, killing 5

The grieving family’s statement:

‘All we can believe is that the Lord had his hand on it and that his ways are not our ways,'’ he said. ‘’I would not choose this way, but his ways are as far above ours as the heavens are from the earth.'’

That's ALL they can believe??? That killing is okay as long as a god does it, and we aren’t to question or complain that he is a murderer, serial klller, torturer, and all around dicking with his "beloved" creations.

When will people stop the god excuses, making up excuses for why things happen and just accept that it was HUMAN ERROR...and stuff happens in life we cannot control and god and other beliefs are just things people make up to cope better with what they cannot control.