Friday, March 13, 2009

Culinary Iconography - Cheesus sightings

Well, here are two reports from the godly folks who see visions in their food of Jesus according to their own imaginings of what he looked like. Funny this Jesus always has the standard beard, long hippie hair parted in the middle. No portrait or statue was ever made of the historical Jesus (maybe because his existence is debatable), yet people seem to know exactly what he looked like. (Because that is how Jesus has been portrayed based on the creations of how humans imagined him to be.)

Here we have a couple of Jesus sitings in Cheetos.

The first is from a youth director from a church in Houston, Texas.

He says ""Seeing the image of Christ in a Cheeto means that I was able to imagine it. God's creation is full of signs and things that can and do remind us of Him." Well, humans see all kinds of images in things and that is psychology of the human mind, not some "miracle" from an entity that lives in another dimension in the cosmos.

The next was of Jesus being crucified on a cheese puff. This one was seen by a woman named Kelly Ramey from High Ridge, Missouri.

The local pastor is one of those who give southerners a bad name. He asserts that "all that really matters here, people, is that we learn that all of us have to find Jesus. Be it a Church or at the bottom of a bag of greasy, cheese-covered puffed corn nuggets." Some idiot commenter in the thread of that article says that it "tastes like salvation". Cheese puffs are not good for you, they are greasy, high in cholesterol and can bother your stomach and clog your arteries, so fitting to compare it to believing in imaginary salvation since that is only hurting your mind.

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