Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Keeping kids ignorant for Jesus

Here is a video that has been circulating the internet about fundamentalist Christians who take their homeschooled children to museums and misinforming them that the museums' evolution and dinosaur exhibits have it wrong. It’s not just homeschoolers who are being taught this garbage, but also children in fundamentalist Christians schools. These tours are “from a strictly Biblical perspective” and no basis in proven facts. Science and evidence are ignored and replaced with what the parents choose to believe. I feel sorry for these children. They will have a hard time competing and succeeding in the real world.


CyberKitten said...

OK - You've convinced me. These people are clinically insane and should be protected from harming themselves or others.....

Stardust said...

cyberkitten, isn't it just maddening? Didn't it make your blood boil just watching that, watching brainwashing in process? No asking kids "what do you think?" No allowing them to ask questions, just programming. No evidence for the ignorance they spew forth except reference to their ancient mythology book.

Stardust said...

Notice too how the leader of the tour conveniently turned his back on the explanation for carbon dating and ignored it. Not even allowing the kids to read and examine it for themselves.

Spirula said...

I feel sorry for these children.

Well, don't feel all is lost. This was my up-bringing. Conservative Christian minister- father. Christian school. Christian college.

It was the deceit, dishonestly, lies and misrepresentations of my creation "science" biology teachers that turned me from the path of darkness and ignorance that is the Christian faith to one of light and knowledge that is the thinking mind(Eat that Cretards!). They became their own worst enemy without realizing it. It doesn't happen to all, but it does happen frequently.

Now I'm a zoologist. I do research and teach genetics and evolution classes part-time.

I'm not really close to the family as such (father died years ago, so that may have more to do with receiving no outright rejection), so there is some cost.

My kids (teenagers) go to youth-groups at some God-gobbler church near them (they live with their mom who's probably too busy cultivating her narcissism to notice). I worry sometimes that they will succumb to the imaginary Power of the Dead-Alive One, so I try to always be there, and to nuture a critically thinking mind.

Anyway, I don't worship Satan, but I'll begrudgingly acknowledge he has pretty nice ass. For a guy.

Andrea said...

That is a crying shame. But like spirula said, it's bound to backfire on them.