Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday funnies time


Jason H. Bowden said...

St. Obama is applying for a job that will require him to engage in wickedness. Like James T. Kirk, he doesn't believe Kobayashi Maru situations exist in real life. But unlike Kirk (and more like pomo Picard) Obama thinks he can talk the bad people out of being mean. At least Kirk would blow up the baddies. /geekmode off>

Comrade Clinton is evil, but at least I would sleep at night knowing she is not naive. Obama in contrast will screw our friends and reward our enemies for the sake of some sort of Gnostic redemption here on earth.

Conservatism, in contrast, is the recognition that we can't have all things all ways to all people. There is no free lunch. Unlike both liberalism and socialism, conservatism is not teleological. We believe history is on nobody's side. There is no guarantee everything works out well in the final chapter-- sometimes the Visigoths sack Rome, or the Mongols destroy Baghdad, etc.

Conservatives have a difficult time communicating this message because in a consumer society, people are used to getting what they want-- the sense of entitlement has gotten to the point where people even see prices as obstacles, not as indicators of the current demand and available supply. Telling people "no you can't" pours cold water on their fantasies, their futurism, and their hope.

BTW, thanks for the food!

Stardust said...


People aren't thinking clearly about Obama and looking at him as some sort of savior when in fact, he is just another politician. They see him as an agent of change because he is young and black...and good-looking and can deliver a great-sounding speech. However, if he is the nominee the Republicans are going to pull out all kinds of crap that for some reason Hillary is too chicken to pull out and use, and then Obama is going to get all twitchy and not be able to stand up when things get really dirty. And things will indeed get dirty.

I am disappointed in Hillary for whimping out and flip-flopping all around with several different faces and personalities. I don't like McCain either because it's uncertain what we are getting. He was more liberal-leaning for awhile and now seems to have morphed into Bush..walks like Bush, talks like Bush even looks like him lately. Talks of 100 year war in Iraq (if necessary) don't know what he would really do there, either.

In all my decades of voting, I have never seen such a piss poor selection of candidates to choose from. I am torn between staying home in November or writing in someone.

(Oh...btw, you are welcome and ditto)

tina FCD said...

You could write in the Exterminator.
I just don't know what to think anymore....

Stardust said...

I think I am going to write in Thomas Jefferson even though he is dead. Make a statement about getting back to what this country was founded on.

Tommy said...

Barack Obama is going to be the greatest president America has ever had. He is going to fix ALL of our problems. Just you wait and see!

Stardust said...

Tommy, he may be too busy answering everyones prayers at night.