Monday, March 31, 2008

Yet another example of not-so-intelligent design

(I have a Bearded Dragon so think this is rather cute and bizarre at the same time.)

BBC News:

Lizard-breeder Jan Davis got a big surprise when a two-headed creature hatched from one of her eggs.

Jan and her husband run a reptile buisiness in the US state of North Carolina. They were shocked when the two-headed bearded dragon turned up.

The couple don't intend to sell the creature, but they're trying to figure out the best way to feed it.

It might be tiny now, but these type of lizards can grow up to 20in long. Their usual diet is bugs and vegetables.


Anonymous said...

Must be radiation... lol
Would be curious to see how that little thing grows up and what "side" of the little bugger is dominant.

Stardust said...

I saw another video that said one head is dominant and if the other one doesn't get to eat and behave normally it will wither and die...hence killing the whole lizard. Sad, these errors of nature.

Andrea said...

It's actually pretty cute, for a freak of nature.

Stardust said...

Andrea, Beardies are adorable, even when they are young little things. When they get bigger they aren't so "hyper" anymore and they are quiet tame, never bite, and I have found they get to know who their owners are and who strangers are. My Beardie hears my husband come in and goes to the side of the tank facing the television because she knows he will turn on the tv. She loves tv. LOL

She also recognizes jars of her favorite snacks, and when she sees her bottle of vitamin drops coming at her, she flattens down and gets that look in her eyes like "noooo".

I am amazed at how much personality a lizard can have.

Andrea said...

That's cool, I wouldn't have expected them to act like that either. We were thinking of maybe setting up a terrarium for our son at some point. But we need to read up more on reptiles.

Stardust said...

andrea, Beardies are very good pets for children. But Beardies are fragile, so must be careful if children are very young. But they are great pets, they don't intentionally bite (I have only accidentally been bitten twice when my finger got in the way of giving her a green bean).
They don't make noise, and if you clean up their poo right away they don't stink. They don't urinate so no worry about that ...the urine comes out in a white blob with their poop...sorry don't mean to be gross...but most people don't know this about lizards. But they are very clean, very quiet, very friendly pets.