Friday, March 14, 2008

Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma is a bigot

Our friend Barbie pointed us to this video/audio of Rep.Sally Kern as she goes on a paranoid rant about the “gay agenda” conspiracy. I would say that politicians should be more careful of where and when they say things, but then it is a good thing that this is out.

It just goes to show that we must pay closer attention to our local elections, who the candidates are and what they stand for. Too many of us just simply don't bother to know who we are voting for in smaller elections (if we bother to vote at all). The smaller elections are in fact far more important than we realize. Those we elect at the state and local level have a greater influence than we realize.

I looked at her site and the Wiki link and this caught my eye:

“Kern also made headlines for authorizing a bill, which recently passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives, mandating that students who espouse Young Earth creationism still receive passing grades in Earth science classes.”

So, not only is she a bigot, she is also a proponent of ignorance.

Warning, may cause extreme anger.

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