Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Religious Right busybodies just can’t keep their hands off children’s literature.

Many of those on the religious right have dirty minds and read meanings into things that are simply not there. A long time ago, we had a friend who turned Baptist and then acquired the belief that Porky Pig and other animal cartoon characters who didn't wear pants or clothes were obscene. When I was a child I never even thought about that. It was a pig, duck, mouse...whatever. Anything "nasty" about it was contrived by dirty-minded religious people who are obsessed with sex so much so that they find it amongst innocent children's books and programs. Here is a good post from AU's Rob Boston:

Terrifying Tango: Religious Right Horrified by March of the (gay) Penguins

As I’ve monitored Religious Right organizations over the years, one thing has provided a lot of amusement: the constant obsession with children’s books and cartoon characters.

We all remember the late Jerry Falwell’s assertion that Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby, was gay. Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund once opined in a book that SpongeBob SquarePants might be gay as well. After all, SpongeBob’s best friend is a pink starfish. (What more evidence do you need?!) James Dobson of Focus on the Family once called SpongeBob a dupe for the gay rights movement for appearing in a video promoting tolerance.

Religious Right busybodies just can’t keep their hands off children’s literature. They spent years attacking the Harry Potter books for allegedly promoting witchcraft. Heather Has Two Mommies, a book about a girl with lesbian parents, pushed some Religious Right groups over the brink into hysteria.

Now the self-appointed guardians of public morality have another target: two allegedly gay penguins. Religious Right groups are up in arms over a kids’ book titled And Tango Makes Three. The work, loosely based on actual incident, concerns two male penguins at New York City’s Central Park Zoo who adopted a fertilized egg and raised the chick.

Thus did a charming story about unexpected behavior by animals that might amuse and delight young readers become, to the Religious Right, yet another part of the great gay agenda. Angry fundamentalist parents all over the country have demanded that And Tango Makes Three be removed from public school libraries and public libraries.

Focus on the Family was quick to jump on the censorship bandwagon. Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said, “It’s very misleading, and it’s a very disingenuous, inaccurate way to promote a political agenda to little kids. What they’re not telling kids is that the supposedly gay penguin who is the star of this story later mated with a female penguin in real life.”

So a kids’ book about penguin sex would have been okay with Focus on the Family – as long as they were heterosexual?

The chinstrap penguins in question, named Roy and Silo by zookeepers, engaged in a partnership that’s not unusual for their species. It is called “paired behavior.”

Male chinstraps are more involved dads than some of their counterparts in the animal kingdom. Male and female chinstraps take turns incubating eggs, sitting on them for shifts of five to 10 days, so males are accustomed to playing a serious parenting role.

Roy and Silo had been observed trying to hatch a rock as if it were an egg. The zookeepers decided to give them the second egg of a male and female penguin couple that had previously been unable to hatch two eggs at the same time. Roy and Silo successfully hatched the egg, and the chick was named Tango. It sounds like a happy, pro-life ending, but leave it to the Religious Right to carp about it.



Spirula said...

we had a friend who turned Baptist

Anything organic that turns should be thrown out. That's my motto.

Anyway, R. Crumb revealed that he was attracted to Bugs Bunny when he was young.
But then, it is R. Crumb we're talking about.

(His first sexual memory that seems to revolve around his fixation with Sheena, Queen of the Jungle is hilarious. I won't spoil it, but maybe you could relate the positive aspect of his story to your Baptist friend?)

Stardust said...

spirula, how do you find these links? LOL!

I haven't thought about Sheena, Queen of the Jungle in years. I used to watch that show and Bomba...he was a hunky blonde. :D

Spirula said...


Well, I happened to see the documentary "Crumb", so I knew about the Bugs and Sheena thingy. Didn't know about the wanking-with-cowboy-boots-and-singing-"Jesus loves me" though. That was a new one...and a keeper.

And let's face it, most of those action-comix characters have hyper-sexualized physiques, male and female. But, hey, before they were TeeVee cartoons, many existed as a major form of entertainment for many adolescent boys (at least, in households that didn't get National Geographic). Know your market they say.

But to sexualize WB cartoon characters, for real or for conspiracy, well, that is beyond me. Makes you wonder what perversion Yosemite Sam is supposed to represent. (Gaaaahhh! I just can't think about that anymore!)

BTW, do you know how many more new episodes of "The Universe" are left to air on The History Channel?

(And I'm not even going to get into how ironic it is that a series called "The Universe" has to end because they can't think of anything more to cover).

Stardust said...

spirula, I think the last episode of The Universe is March 12th. Yes, it is ironic that the series is going to end when there is a never-ending list of things to explore. History channel just has to make more room for it's Jeebus crap.

That's funny about Yosemite Sam...midget fetish? LOL!

Doubtful said...

Do you remember the original He-Man cartoon?

It's funny that I don't remember much being said about that at the time, and really, he is about as gay as they come.

Stardust said...

doubtful, I think He-Man and Man-at-arms had a thing going on. LOL!

Xena the warrior princess looks like a drag queen. I used to tease my husband that he had an attraction to manly women when he used to watch that.

Spirula said...

Heh, He-Man. I believe He-Man is part of the Homosexual Agenda the fundies are always talking about. Him and all the these characters. (Okay. Okay. We all know about the Cheetara fetishers. But I'm going with her as an inspiration for this show .)

Anyone remember the "controversy" around that Popeye-Blutto orange juice commercial? Really, these fundies have way to much time on their hands. No wonder 50% of their men and 20% of their women claim to have addictions to porn. Repression to obsession anyone?

Thanks for the midget fetish image Stardust. Fortunately, I have cholorox handy. Now to just drill a hole in my skull and all will be well.

Spirula said...

Weird Stardust. We both went right for the Xena thing. I don't know what that says about me. For that matter, I don't know what that says about you.


Stardust said...

spirula, as Ed would say HERE, we are seeing inside the brain of god, so maybe that is why we thought of the same thing at the same time. LOL!

The guy is a real fruitcake.