Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bill Maher on religion

This is a good one, too. I love Bill Maher!


Greg said...

LOL! Yeah, I love Bill Maher too.
Wish I could afford to pay the extra bucks to see him on HBO's "Real Time".

Stardust said...

I don't have HBO either. Our cable bill costs enough as it is. Cable companies are rip offs.

Carl Parkes said...

Star, I love your site and have it in my Bloglines RSS reader, and read your posts every day. And love them.

but I have a small problem. I'm a confirmed San Francisco athetist, but a former girlfriend of mine from Nebraska has somehow become a born again Christian, and she's sending me daily email messages about how Jesus will save my soul.

I'm not interested, but don't want to offend her, since she's still a friend and is still a good memory.

So here's the deal: she sends her messages to me with all the included email addresses. Yup. Doesn't know about BCC. And I'd like to respond to the whole group with my counter views that this whole Jesus thing is a fraud.

What should I send her? Some cheeky signs would be good on the graphic level, and a few of your best posts would be great.

Please advise...


Send me a message or just post a message for everyone else who is facing this problem. Thanks!

Carl Parkes said...

Star, me again. I'm not sure why I had to sign in to post a message, since I already have a blogger account and a Blogger website at

And it didn't seem to automatically bring up the option to post as Blogger, so well, here we go again.

Anyway, some suggested images about a few of what you consider your most useful posts would be helpful. I sometimes get lost in all your messages, but a refreshers post would be helpful to me and probably everbody else subscribing to your blog.

And to think I misspelled the a word.


Stardust said...

Hello carl, Were you signed in before you tried to comment? If you were already signed into your own account and then had to sign in again here, that's weird. Blogger is quirky sometimes.

Getting emails from Christians is a thing I still have to deal with. And you are right about not wanting to "offend" them, as I have found out they are easily offended, especially the evangelical variety. I have tried to tell people not to send me that stuff and it got me banned from one family member's life, then I tried putting an Apache Indian quote for my signature line and they got all bent out of shape about that. But I am supposed to just ignore and allow them to send me Bible quotes at the end of their emails, etc....well...because their views are the only "true" views in their worldview and mutual respect when it comes to emails I guess they think that doesn't apply on their part. sigh. . .

I can tell you one post right off the bat that you could send your ex and everyone. It's humorous but gets the point across at the same time...

and tell them to pay special attention to Commandment #6.

I always turn to Thomas Paine's Age of Reason, which makes a great argument.

Thomas Paine's "The Age of Reason" - 1794

I will do some more digging around my archives and get back to you.

Thanks for reading!

Stardust said...

Carl...Here is another post I like to point to. It's how Christianity is a spin-off of Mithraism. Here is my post on that, with links.

Mithraism and Christianity - A Connection?


More About Mithraism-Christian Blending

Stardust said...

Oh...and Carl, you might find this site more helpful than's full of useful information in debating fundies.

God is Imaginary

and here is one of my posts on why people turn to religion...

Religion: A Convenient Lie (The Reason Why Religion Exists)

Carl Parkes said...


Many thanks for all those great links, and I'll finally have some way to respond to Karen without offending her or cutting off our years of relations.

Yeah, Blogger is quirky at times. I was signed into my Blogger account, but it still asked for my Blogger details such as email addy and even my password. That makes me nervous. And why do I sometimes get this "insecure" content warning when I'm just reading this message page? Gad, you'd think
Google would have this all figured out, but I've found in the past that it's often the big boys that don't get it right. Microsoft has put up some terrible MS sites over the years, filled with mistakes.


Stardust said...

Carl, glad to be of help. It's really difficult to know what is going to "offend" them. I simply asked a family member to lighten up on the religious stuff in their communication with me after getting a very preachy newsletter (singling me out...), they banned me from communicating with them at all. I would never do that to another family member, but it's how some fundies treat others. We are somehow a great threat to their "faith". It's why they all horde together in their churches. If they mingle too much in the real world with those who think differently, they might just lose that "faith". And so what does that tell you?

Yes, Blogger has constant "issues". I started a WordPress blog just for miscellaneous topics and will see how that goes. I hate to move this one because I finally have a large following and am in the top 100 on the Social Rank thingy. I didn't even know about that and don't know who submitted my site, but glad they did!

Your site is great, by the way. Love your stories and photos. Very interesting. I am going to link to you, if that is ok.