Friday, May 30, 2008

Christian magicians

Travdawg pointed me to this site and I had to read it several times to make sure it was legit and not another satirical site. But it’s real! And the irony is marvelous! Christian Magicians Convention!

Some of the featured events at this international convention are:

Fulfilling God’s mission through your Gospel Magic;

[Gospel “magic”…the Bible is full of magic trickery…turning water into wine, rivers turning into blood, parting of the waters, raising people from dead…etc].

Following God’s command through your Chalk Drawings;

[Well, the bible says to come as little children.]

Rejoicing in God’s favor through your Ventriloquism & Storytelling;

[Like God taking through a burning bush, the devil talking through a snake…what talent! And we know the Bible is full of fantastic storytelling!]

Marveling at God’s Grace when children respond to His call through your Clowning

God just can’t seem to get his message across without entertainment via goofy people and strange characters.]

Revealing God’s glory through your Puppetry

[That’s what most believers think their god is…a puppetmaster pulling strings of billions and billions of people alive and dead.]

Expressing God’s beauty through the art of Face Painting

[So God has a painted clown face??? :roll: ]

Declaring God’s word through Drama & Juggling

[Christians love to be dramatic…and juggling would probably wake up the boring services a bit.]

Delighting in God’s way through your Balloon Artistry; . . .

[Balloon “artistry?” WTF??]

Speaking of balloon artistry, check out this video. The very end is hilarious. (I thought so anyway.)

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