Monday, May 12, 2008

Creepy Jesus Luv

This is getting to be like Jesus Matrix! So many claiming to be Jesus, and so many sheeple who will believe them. And when you get rid of one, more just come out of the woodwork. Never ending supply of Jesus nutjobs.

Wayne Bent of New Mexico is yet another one claiming to be Jesus. He is going through the whole martyr act, fasting and refusing to eat, and claiming total innocence. He is accused of laying naked with underage virgins. He has also admitted to having sex with a couple of married women and another woman who is “of-age” (which he claims was instructed by God…yeah…ok).

One thing in this news video that got me is how the son of Mr. Bent says that the authorities have “stepped over the line, by forcing children to go into an environment they do not want to go into. Yet these children have been forced to remain isolated in a compound and brainwashed to believe this is where they should be and that there is nothing wrong with sleeping naked with a creepy old fart.

What will happen to all of these kids when they finally grow up?

Church leader arrested on sex charges in northeast N.M.

A posting attributed to Bent on the church’s Web site Monday said:

“Jesus had not committed any crimes, so the authorities had to invent some crimes to crucify him over. It is the same for me also. I have committed no crimes, but many crimes are being imagined and concocted in the minds of men to try and kill me again.”

Latest news video link: Strong City Cult


Greg said...

Hell, if the supposed Hey-sus dude did come, most likely he'd be arrested by the repugs for trying to make peace with our enemies! lol

About that Bent guy (by the way - "bent" is a good name for him), its amazing what drugs can do for you!

Stardust said...

greg, Even when we were xians we said that. If Jesus showed up here for real no one will believe it and would lock him up in an insane asylum. This guy's a nut to think he is Jesus the same as if he would declare himself to be the King of Spain. If he really believes it, he needs medication, if he is doing it to manipulate gullible stupid people into sleeping with him, then he is criminal. He is definitely criminal in sleeping naked with underage kids whether it is sexual or not. Consenting adults, well that's a whole other thing. Their choice.

Stardust said...

To the trolls, judging not from what mainstream media says, but my own judgement on what is right in defense of innocent children, it is perverted and sick to want to lay naked with virgin girls. The man is a sexual pervert. His claiming to be Jeeezus is just an excuse to act out his fantasies. Though he stops before intercourse with the young ones, it is not healthy, and definitely not normal.

While I am a freethinker, read the quote by Dawkins on my main page. By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out. Richard Dawkins, in "Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder,"

Stardust said...

And another thing. You think you know me by one visit? How clairvoyant of you. You read one post and judge people...typical brainwashed god botherers.

Oh...newsflash...there is no god. Only the delusions of gods in the human imagination used for purposes of control and manipulation by those in authority over the naiive and innocent.

Don't come back here, hmt and geto who hide behind links to nowhere.

Stardust said...

goodbye again...if you had anything intelligent to contribute instead of just crying persecution for a pedophile and adulterer, and if you weren't here merely to troll and insult me, I would let your comments stand. But you are just a coward troll with no blog link. ta ta

And you know absolutely nothing about Dawkins or probably science for that matter.

Stardust said...

And I can see from my sitemeter that you have been on for nearly an hour reading my blog. Guess you must find it intriguing enough to hang around. Maybe you will actually "see the light" of reason. ;)

Stardust said...

And if you supporters of Pedophile Jesus are still coming back to check up here, think about this...

Your Jesus in whatever form is worthless. Why isn't your Jesus friend over helping the earthquake victims in China instead of sleeping around like a flower-power era hippie with little girls? Why isn't he out working for poverty stricken individuals here in his own state? No...just "love" is all you need...feel me, touch me and all that bullshit. Whether he is guilty of a crime or not, he is indeed creepy, he is lazy, pathetic and definitely the epitome of the do-nothing Jesus who does no more than mere magician tricks in your ancient mythology book.

Jesus, if he existed did nothing at all. Your Jesus friend is a nobody except a throwback from the 60s hippie generation and probably needs psychiatric help. There are many schizophrenics in institutions who claim to be Jesus, Satan, Stalin, and even the King of Spain.

One last point to the trolls...instead of trolling blogs on the internet, why not pray to your god to rescue your Jesus from this situation since he claims god wanted him to do those things...then where is his god to defend him? There is no god to tell or is only in his mind.