Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 22)

Ben Stein is a complete idiot. (And he sounds as if he has a mouth full of cud when he talks.) This video is a quick rebuttal to Stein's foolish comments.


Half rabbit said...

Another reason is that Lauren deleted the evolution discussion post. My humor for the day just went down a point. :(

Stardust said...

Lauren just didn't want to face the truth, and the truth was getting to be all too obvious. So, instead of reading and investigate what we were saying, she simply chose to delete reality so she could continue living in her little girl la-la land with all her little like-minded friends and her busy, busy life with her perceived difficult thesis (someone asked what her thesis was about and she never answered that either...it was probably on how wonderful Ben Stein is).

Stardust said...

Not only did Lauren delete her evolution post, now her whole blog is closed. She will probably just start a new one with a new name. Oh well...running away is not going to change the truth.

Half rabbit said...

now her whole blog is closed

You must be banned as I can still access the blog.

Stardust said...

She must have had it down for a bit, I can see it again. I haven't commented on there since she banned me...she told me not to come back when I persisted in asking her to respond to the debate she started.

When others started coming around I think it upset her. People should probably just leave her be now.

Andrea said...

The annoying thing is that she now has her "persecuted by atheists" cred she needs to continue being a holier-than-thou brat.

Spirula said...

The annoying thing is that she now has her "persecuted by atheists" cred she needs to continue being a holier-than-thou brat.

As an Ex-Christian myself, all it takes is for you to DISAGREE with them for it to qualify as persecution. Sky-Daddy's numero uno Sky-Boy said it would happen, so it must.

"Help! Help! I'm being repressed."

Stardust said...

Yep, now she can go and "testify" that she had been persecuted by the mean ol' atheists who were asking her too many questions she didn't have answers for. But she will say it was something else, that we were mean to her,that we said mean stuff about her god, etc.

She rather stay in her safe tiny world, with her close-minded "sweet" teachers and classmates in her teeny tiny world and willfully chooses to keep herself brainwashed and block out anyone who might offer other viewpoints and evidence to *gasp* change her mind on a few things! Because she is right and doesn't need to question.

Stardust said...

spirula, love that clip! LOL

Andrea said...

I'm an ex-fundie too...but I was one of those uber-righteous types that scoffed at the laziness and comfort of American xtians (I hated megachurches and so forth) and I threw my weight behind poor xtians in repressive countries. I never, when I was religious, agreed that xtians here are persecuted. In fact, I got into little cyber-brawls with other believers about it.

Andrea said...

that clip was awesome :D

Stardust said...

Fortunately for me I was either a moderate Lutheran, then a moderate Presbyterian. Except for two years when I was a teenager when our parents decided to give the Baptist church a try and I became very self-righteous for those couple of years. They are obsessed with their self-righteousness. I was disappointed when we left because I loved the youth group and the wild crazy times we had. People think these Baptist kids are so good, but they are pretty crazy...pretending to be "good little angels" for mom and dad and aunties and uncles, but then behind their backs all hell breaks loose.

But I am glad my parents decided that was not for them and back to the on again off again boring Lutheran stuff. That gave me a lot of time to experience other viewpoints and ideas.

Andrea said...

That would've been preferable to my childhood of reading Crusader comics and Chick tracts and being scared to death of demon possession.

Stardust said...

andrea, I had friends growing up who were Catholics and were always saying this is a sin and that's a sin. They were so obsessed with sinning that it was hard for them to have any fun. Catholics can be as nutty as fundamentalists. The Lutheran church is just so incredibly morbid and sad. Their whole liturgy consists of how very bad we are and basically that we don't deserve to live and god just tolerates us. Gloomy. Presbyterians are a bit happier, though they have the "we are bad" rituals and prayers also. The one Lutheran liturgy that is said over and over "we are in bondage in sin and cannot free ourselves"...said in unison like robots in sort of a droning sound. I am so glad we are done with all that. Our Sundays are so much happier and upbeat now listening to the birds sing, getting up when we want and relaxing and spending time together. Making pancakes and coffee. Church is just a guilt session and a social club for those who like that sort of thing.

Andrea said...

My Sunday mornings are usually spent grocery shopping with all the other heathens.

Stardust said...

Here’s where Lauren is planning to go to college. She apparently chose one to keep her forever and soundly brainwashed. No wonder she deleted the post when we tried to pry her mind open.

Cedarville University: “Home to 3,000 Christian students, Cedarville is an accredited, Christ-centered, Baptist university of arts, sciences, professional, and graduate programs. Cedarville is located in southwestern Ohio on a beautiful 400-acre campus.”

Cedarville University is a Christ-centered learning community equipping students for lifelong leadership and service through an education marked by excellence and grounded in biblical truth

To achieve its purpose, the University seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

1. To undergird the student in the fundamentals of the Christian faith and to stimulate each student to evaluate knowledge in the light of scriptural truth.

2. To encourage growth in Christian character in each student and to help the student accept responsibility for faithful Christian service.

3. To increase each student’s awareness of the world of ideas and events which are influencing our contemporary culture and to prepare each student to participate knowledgeably in our society.

[I suppose through continued brainwashing about how very bad and immoral anyone else is but their own little flock]

4. To enable each student to develop sound critical and analytical reasoning.

[Yeah, right…just like we have seen from so many fundies already :roll: ]

5. To provide sufficient opportunities for each student to practice the skills of communication.

[Like using the delete key and plugging their ears when they hear something they don’t agree with.]

6. To offer opportunities for academic specialization and preparation for graduate study and to assist each student in selecting and preparing for a vocation.

[Vocation? Like working as a pastor for a fundie church, missionary to mess up other cultures, waitress, clerk at McDonalds?]

7. To foster each student’s appreciation of and participation in wholesome avocational and cultural activities.

[By cultural activities means to try to convert other cultures to accept your own]

* Unwavering commitment to the inerrancy and authority of Scripture
* Creationist approach to scientific research and study
* Required Bible minor a part of all academic programs
* Daily chapels with relevant biblical teaching and authentic praise
* Discipleship groups that provide opportunities for Bible study, mentoring, accountability, prayer, and open discussion
* Missions and study abroad opportunities that reach nearly every corner of the world

Christian professors who challenge students to think biblically in every subject area

[Well this last one tells us everything we need to know…Lauren will continue her close-minded “education” and waste a bunch of money for absolutely nothing]

And get a load of their doctrinal statement” “It’s not a university, it’s a version of Jeebus Camp for older kids.

tina FCD said...

Love the clip, Being Repressed. :)