Saturday, May 03, 2008

Richard Dawkins interviewed by Bill Maher

Great to see people openly discussing atheism on major airwaves.


Greg said...

Still haven't gotten around to putting HBO back on my cable line-up!
Thanks, Stardust, for giving me another glimpse of one of my heros, Bill Maher! lol

As for the discussion of atheism, or at least atheism in a good light, I only know of the Bill Maher show that does that. Are there more?

Stardust said...

Greg, with atheism being discussed so much in the media, and books being publicized, Dawkins and Harris and others being asked to be guests on various programs, I think that atheism is being discussed far more than any other time. As more and more people feel comfortable discussing atheism, I think that more and more people are going to admit that they are atheists.

I was in Borders one day and saw a whole display of atheist books, on an end table as a feature display. I have never seen that done anywhere before. Times are changing for us!

Greg said...

Lawd! (lol) I sure hope so, Starry!!

tina FCD said...

Gotta get me a tape recorder!

Spirula said...

Well, at the Books a Million around the corner from me, they put Dawkins "The God Delusion" in the science section. The salesperson I talked to said that when they put it in the religion section, "some people" would move it to other areas or bury it under other books. These "same people" apparently didn't like Bart Erhman either, as his books ended up scattered all over the religion section (rather than alphabetized as the rest).

Despite living in a predominantly University town, it's still deep-south cracker country where atheists like me are told "I doan have no use for them that don't believe" (actual quote).

Tommy said...

Spirula, I do that to Kevin Trudeau's books.