Thursday, May 08, 2008

Need For School Neutrality On Religion

There are many good reasons why religion belongs in the home and churches, and not in the academic setting. One of them being that it violates the law of separation of church and state. Another reason is when public schools get into the business of encouraging or sponsoring prayer, Bible reading and other religious activities, it is usurping a role reserved for churches and religious institutions. But most of all, public schools should stay out of the religion business because it is divisive and counterproductive to a school’s core mission of education.

Things get complicated since this is a diverse nation of many religious beliefs (and many with no religious beliefs or affiliations). When attention is given to one particular belief over another, then resentment ensues and division. How can we teach tolerance for one another's beliefs while giving special attention to some and not others? And if schools try to balance religious education and to give each religion equal time, academics gets lost. Leave religion to the churches, temples and synagogues, and keep it out of our public school systems.

Discord Among Ohio Students Shows Need For School Neutrality On Religion

Now lines are being drawn at the school. Students are attacking one another on the basis of religion.

Link to full article by Rob Boston

Video update on Ohio teacher who violated 1st Amendment


Half rabbit said...

I hate to cherry pick the article but if I had kids I would be afraid to leave them in the care of any teacher who is clearly this crazy. (forgetting they are religious for a second)

Exerts from article;
Freshwater used an electronic device to burn a cross on their child’s arm.
he takes part in meetings of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes by offering “healing” services, when he is supposed to simply monitor them.

There's also a very good point of church/school separation in the history of America. (in addition to your constitution) I can't remember the facts so I wont post it here.

tina FCD said...

Good post. Perfect example of why religion SHOULD be kept in the home and churches.