Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not a way to treat your mother

People shouldn't have to wait for a special day once a year to be nice and show respect to those we love. While setting aside a special day to honor our mothers, fathers, spouses, sweethearts, is nice and all that, we should be equally good to them all year-round.

I read this news item in the link below and it just made me think about how many people think they can make up for a year of taking people for granted with a card, or flowers, or some other thing on one designated Hallmark holiday. I did get a wonderful gift this year from my middle son and his fiancee...a beautiful sapphire and diamond necklace! (Thanks again guys!) And a beautiful card, and phone calls from my other two kids...BUT I talk to them every day, they visit me all the time, and they tell me they love me every single time I talk to them. And they don't treat me like this inconsiderate brat in the story below:

LeBron yells at mom to sit down after hard foul

LeBron’s mother came to his defense after a hard foul, (he was embarrassed to be mommied in front of a whole sports arena, I am sure and he has a right to be a little pissed off about it…BUT…he admitted the language he used to his own mother was pretty bad.) But his mother takes time to go to his games and cheer him on. He probably wouldn't even be playing basketball if it wasn't for the encouragement and support of his mother. He may have snapped in the heat of the moment, but even so...he needs a mouth-washing. Hope he doesn't swear at her like that all the time when he gets "irate". (And hopefully she has learned to just sit in the stands and let him fight his own battles...he's big enough!)

To the reporters he had this to say:

“I told her to sit down with some language I shouldn’t have used. Thank God today wasn’t Mother’s Day, it was yesterday,” James said after Monday night’s 88-77 victory.

So, since it wasn't Mother's Day, it's ok? …:roll:


Stardust said...

I saw a clip of this finally...what he said was "sit yo' ass down!" so that's not so bad. I was imagining much worse. I also see that she has a reputation as being sort of crazy at games. Nice to be supportive, but stay off the game floor.

Jason H. Bowden said...

LeBron got mommied in front of millions of people! That's funny.

Stardust said...

Yep...I would probably be pissed too!

In the story he says he didn't want her to get kicked out for the season because he WANTS her at every game. Wow...a real Momma's boy there!