Thursday, May 01, 2008

Most bizarre election in my lifetime

Is it just me, or is each election is getting weirder and weirder as time progresses?


Jason H. Bowden said...

Gobama! Yes we can! (We as in the Republicans, that is.)

Jason H. Bowden said...

Awesome rant by Jackie Mason

Stardust said...

jason, Jackie Mason brings up many good points in his rant. Especially the point that Wright rants about "the oppressed" black people while he is living in the lap of luxury, preparing to move into a 99% white neighborhood in his 10,000 sq ft mansion that costs $1.6 million dollars all paid for by the congregation of his church. Now isn't that a crock of crap? Wright needs to shut his hypocritical pie hole. I am sure though, that you republicans hope he keeps on talking.