Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Humans helping humans

Many of our problems on this planet are human fault. Gotta have our big cars, gotta have all our electricity, our garbage piles high. We don’t think about it because we won’t be here…let the next generations worry about it. People killing other people. Greed. War. Violence. All caused by humans and only humans can change all this. No god is going to clean up the mess.

Nature is at “fault” of most natural disaster. It’s just the way things are. NO god causes these things, no god prevents them. They just happen and no help comes from any god to clean up the mess. No messes get cleaned up unless humans intervene and take action. No god waves a magic wand and makes things all better. No god cures the cancers and disease in little children and adults, no god feeds those who are starving to death in third world countries and no god prevents the exploitation of the poor and impoverished. No god keeps a president and leaders of nations from starting wars and killing innocent people who have no say in the matter. No god prevents perverts from molesting and murdering children. No god stops the gangs from murdering, stealing and killing each other. No god comes. Humans strive to sort out the messes other humans make. But no god causes it, no god cleans up the messes. . . and

only humans can save humanity.


Andrea said...

Or, as one of my favorite artists Ani DiFranco puts it in song:

up up up up up up
points the spire of the steeple
but god's work isn't done by god
it's done by people

Stardust said...

That says it exactly like it is, andrea

Hey, how are the kids? Bet baby is getting so big!

Andrea said...

Big and bad. And very wild. I can't stop him from running everywhere, and he gets scraped knees like he's an older kid already. He's barely going to be 15 months old.

These boys give me constant heart attacks :/

Stardust said...

andrea, sounds like they are doing very well...but keeping mom busy!
I remember having two boys (our daughter was quieter), they were always doing something. Then they get older and want to bring other boys over. :S

Andrea said...

sorry to derail your post some more, but I just saw this and thought of you:

and scroll down to "Colors from Outer Space"

(I never got the hang of doing links!)

Jason H. Bowden said...

"and only humans can save humanity."

Humanity cannot be saved! And Earthly do-gooders only cause mischief when they attempt it.

Stardust said...

Andrea, those are beautiful images.

Stardust said...

And Earthly do-gooders only cause mischief when they attempt it.

Unfortunately, this is a very sad truth.