Friday, May 16, 2008

We can only hope these two go extinct

OT... are any of you getting fed up with the Word Verification on Blogger? When posting I must have to type in the letters have a dozen stinkin' times before it "takes" because the letters are so damned distorted.


Bob said...

Wrt the hard-to-read letters you have to type in (the CAPTCHA):

I'm a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Developers, and I've pretty much seen it all, good and bad, but I never thought I'd need it myself. Now I'm recovering from a stroke, and I've never seen a more handicappped-hostile blog host than Blogger.

Apart from that, great blog.

Stardust said...

Bob, Glad to hear that it's not just that I am getting old with blurring eyesight. The frustration of typing in the word Verification is maddening. And if I don't have the word verification then I get all kinds of spam coming in and no way to filter it, as in WordPress. I write for another blog that uses WordPress, and I have a WordPress blog of my own and love the Akismet spam filter thing and the organized comment moderation queue. I am thinking about transferring all of my blogs over to WordPress for that reason.

Glad you like the blog. Thanks for commenting.

Richard said...

I was whining about the captcha earlier.

I have noticed that the way they work varies from one blog to another. Some have only five letter captchas. I may be wrong but I think one blog only required its use once, requiring five letters for the first preview (or publish) click, only.

Some have a five letter captcha for the first preview click and then a seven letter one for the second preview click... after that there are none.

Yes I am back with a Wireless Modem catching bits out of the sky.

Jason H. Bowden said...

You guys recognize that in about 35 years, Medicare, Socialist Security, and Medicaid will consume 40% of the economy according to the GAO. we're going to have to double our tax burden or borrow money just to keep government afloat. And the leftist press keeps rabidly attacking Bush for not adding even more programs, not funneling more money into no child left behind, SCHIP for people making 80K, and so forth.

This is textbook socialism -- have everything be the public sector, with a Messiah representing the people, (or the volk, the proletariat, the common man, the community, take your pick) in charge of the entire apparatus. Castro and Chavez, like their predecessors, call this "true" democracy. I can tell you this -- it isn't the democracy of Adams, Hamilton, Madison, Jefferson and so forth.

Richard said...

No kidding Jason!

Socialism arose via Marx, of course. But did you know that Marx was a student of Hegel, who was very religious, even studying in a seminary!?

The religious Right have gained enormously from the intellectual bankruptcy and obvious failures of the Marx-based ideals used by the secular Left (Democrats). Similarly the secular Republicans have been unable to defend the Founders' Republican principles. The result: Just look at the present candidates, not to mention presidents going at leas as far back as F.D.R.!

Both parties are, fundamentally, altruists, and both seek to create a society in which the haves must serve (read "sacrifice to") everyone else.

It used to be that the Left was more concerned with material living, and sought to control wealth and the economy: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. But that catch phrase began with a variation of it from St. Augustine, (354-440 CE) long before Marx:
"Call nothing your own, but let everything be yours in common. Food and clothing shall be distributed ... according to each one's need."

At root, they are ALL mystics.

I just wrote a comment over at AtheistHomeSchooler expanding on that point. The comment starts with the religious mystics, moves into the material mystics (leftists et al.) and ends very much with the same observation you have just posted.

If you are interested, this link will take you directly to that comment.