Monday, May 05, 2008

Jesus in a uterus

Now this is carrying delusion a wee bit too far. If she claimed to see anything that was not religion related people would call her a kook and newsertainment media would not give her a second of publicity.

LINK: Pregnant woman sees
image of Jesus in ultrasound

I don't really see it unless it's supposed to be Jesus with his arms out to the side. hmmm

My husband and I like to find familiar images in clouds. When I was a kid I loved to see how many images I can find in woodgrain. My pansy flowers look like they have little smiling faces to me. People see what they want to see. But seeing Jesus inside your own uterus! Eeeeghads! That is totally weird.


Tommy said...

Yeah, it's Jesus alright. That is if Jesus didn't have a neck and his body was a bulky rectangle!

Anonymous said...

What a surprise.
Its on Faux! lol

Stardust said...

Tommy, no-neck Jesus and his arms are way too long. LOL!

greg, yep...Faux news, your newswertainment station of sensationalism and propaganda.

Stardust said...

Talk about a "Virgin Mary" complex...geesh!

Spirula said...

Look! It's Jeterus!

Spirula said...

Here's a POV regarding unintelligent design that never crossed my mind. God loves dogs and dogs love god. Man...not so much.

tina FCD said...

I think she wanted her fetus(baby) to have 15 minutes of fame. :)