Thursday, March 30, 2006

Culinary Iconography - Nacho Pan Jesus

Workers See Jesus Image In Nacho Pan

A Florida restaurant says it had been blessed just before Christmas in December 2005. Workers claimed a holy image had appeared in one of their cooking pans. At the Stadium Club in Jacksonville, FL., workers found what they had believed to be an image of Jesus in a nacho warming tray.The pan was used to heat water which then heats the food.

The image was created from mineral deposits in the water.One of the cooks said he went to empty the pan one night and saw Jesus looking back at him. A spokesman for the Stadium Club said the restaurant would not continue to use the pan. I should hope not! Looks nasty!


Evan D. Woods said...

I'm impressed by the concept (and content) of your blog. But for "free thinkers", you mostly seem to be continuing tired old arguments about the lack of self-examination in religion.

What free thinking opinions, I wonder, would you form on the idea of... say... punching a monkey? I'm not getting a lot of support for the idea, and I'm struggling to find a forum that won't call me a monster.

Stardust said...

punching a monkey??

Well, it depends if the monkey deserved it.

freethoughtmom said...

great commentary, stardust :)

Rusko Elvenwood said...

I think that image looks more like mohammed. If that restaurant was in an islamic country they would be guilty of idol worship and put to death.

Go ahead Evan, punch that monkey!

Stardust said...

Love this comment by mexicandream on a forum I was reading:
What is wrong with some people? Jesus in a nacho pan?! How about less time looking for Jesus and more time making nachos. What the heck are they paying you for anyways?