Wednesday, March 08, 2006


jhbowden said...

Want to bet the Democrats *still* lose seats in the midterm?

Democrats can't figure out why they keep losing, despite Republican errors. They think the feeble masses are brainwashed by "Faux News." For example, today Iran said it will bring the United States harm and pain in retaliation for referring them to the Security Council. So I go over to DU. The attitude is "we're doomed!" "We surrender!" "This is all your fault, R2D2, I mean George Bush."

Think about it. Would you rather have C3P0 or Optimus Prime running the country?

Stardust said...

I would rather have an intelligent flesh and blood person running the country. This isn't Star Wars or a Transformer cartoon.

Too many people view this as the "good guys against the bad guys." Bush is an idiot. Even members of his own party are abandoning him and saying WTF???

JustinOther said...

Bush's party is abandoning him in order to set themselves up for the Novemeber elections. Most want the ability to say "I didn't believe in that goof, i went against him".

Stardust said...

Most want the ability to say "I didn't believe in that goof, i went against him".

And they called John Kerry a flip-flopper!!! Look at all of them Republican flip-floppers now just protecting their own political asses.

jhbowden said...

But the Iranians are bad guys, stardust. To stay with the cartoon analogies, I'd trust Elmer Fudd with national security more than a coward hippie Ph.D. eager for Dhimmitude.

Attacking President Bush is not a policy -- one can't beat something with nothing. Democrats will continue to be their own worst enemy.

Steve said...

nice joseph campbell quote.

Have you read "The Power of Myth" or a "Hero with a Thousand faces?"

He's quite good at drawing links between comparative mythologies!

Steve said...

PS - jason h bowden. Do you know what a dhimmi is? Its a class of people (nonMuslims) who paid a tax (jizya) in the medieval ages in the Islamic Empire. No such status exists post-Ottoman Empire, so its unlikely you'll ever exist in "dhimmitude." Even in Islamic countries today, there are no "dhimmis," even Tariq Aziz, Saddam's #2 was a Nestorian Christian and he paid no dhimmi tax. I find christian attempts to demonized and insult Islam highly ironic given the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades. Christians know a good holy war when they see it.

Stardust said...

Steve - When I studied World Mythologies at the university I attended, we watched the six-part The Power of Myth PBS television series hosted by Bill Moyers, and I read the book sometime later to review some things. I have also read Hero with a Thousand Faces, which is an earlier book of Campbell's. Campbell is indeed good at drawing links between comparative mythologies. (I don't know if you know this already, but Hero with a Thousand Faces was George Lucas' inspiration for "Star Wars.)

jhbowden said...

Steve --

We will steamroll the Democrats in 2006. Their plan to secure America includes nukes for Ahmadinejad, a U.N. veto over American foreign policy, secrecy for al-queda phone calls into the United States, and letting al-Zarqawi stomp democrats in Iraq and set up a religiously insane terrorist regime.

I'm an atheist and have no problem denigrating medieval superstitions.

However, the Dhimmicrats here in the states are openly siding with religious fundamentalists in the Middle East. For instance, Ahmadinejad wants to nuke Tel Aviv to hasten the return of the 12th Imam. All Democrats can do is say, R2D2, ahem, George Bush, this is all your fault! We're doomed!

If it is mentioned how we need airstrikes to destroy Iran's nuclear program, the Democratic response, like the response to Iraq, is to incoherently yell PNAC! THE JEWS! OIL! BUSH IS STUPID! That is not an alternative; that is not a strategy.

Think about why Kerry lost, even with disapproval *with* the way the country was headed. One thing is certain -- with an attitude like this, the Democrats *are* doomed.

jhbowden said...

For your edification:

Dhimmi Watch

The 3/8/2006 article, for instance, reports Muslim uproar in France over an organized reading of a 1741 play by Voltaire. Voltaire was a just an "inauthentic," "patriarchical," "logocentric" asshole not worth reading anyway. Better to be cool and read instead Michel Foucault, who praised the 1979 Revolution in Iran.

JustinOther said...


You're right that the dems have not come out with a loud and clear alternative and seem to base their policy on "Bush is bad". However, being involved as I am in politics, The dems do have a plan but are unable as yet to all get on the same page and use the same talking points.

I honestly think that the public, as blind as it usually is, has opened it's eyes to the rampant corruption within the GOP. I'm not saying dems aren't corrupt, but they're a hell of a lot better than the repubs. The dems may no take back both houses in 06, but they're gonna get at least the house.

And, by the way...dems are not soft on security. That's just what the spin-doctors at the white house spout off constantly. Just because they repeat it over and over and over doesn't make it true. The dems just realize that Bush's policies have gotten us in a quagmire in Iraq, made it a training ground for terrorists that it wasn't before, made us less safe, stoked animosity amongst the arab world and distanced ourselves from the rest of the world. The dems are NOT looking to give in to the terrorists and slap them on the wrist. They are NOT going to just pull out of Iraq and be done with it. But, they are NOT going to let Bush continue to destroy this country.

*steps off soapbox*