Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Culinary Iconography - Pope chicken breast

Four days after Pope John Paul II died, E.J. Rouzin-Moy, a freshman undecided major, found that his chicken breast was shaped like the head of Pope John Paul II. Rouzin-Moy found the chicken on his plate while eating lunch in the dining hall with a friend.

"You could tell there was a nose," Rouzin-Moy said. "That's the first thing that makes it look like a man."
The seasoning on the breast is situated in such a way that it looks like the pope's pileolus, his small hat, Rouzin-Moy said.

Once the "pope chicken" was posted on eBay, the bidding was set at 99 cents. The only comments Rouzin-Moy received concerning the item were from one supporter and another person who said the auction of the "pope chicken" was "tasteless," he said.

After less than a day, the highest bid only reached $1.29 for the breast.

After 20 hours, 8,000 page hits and a total of three bids, the "pope chicken" was removed from the Web site, but the reason was unclear at first to Rouzin-Moy, he said.


JustinOther said...

I rcently saw a cloud in the sky that looked strangely like an elephant. I suppose that means elephants can now fly.

Stardust said...


That's funny! LOL!
Take a picture next time, you might make some money on e-bay!

JustinOther said...

Did I mention the beachfront home I'm selling in Montana?

Albert said...

Looks more like George Washington to me :-)

Stardust said...

It could pass for Larry Fife of the Three Stooges too!

jhbowden said...

Damn, and I thought it was Constantine.