Thursday, March 23, 2006


I found this over at the Exploding Aardvark
“I’ve had it for two years already,” Ibragim Ismatullayev, the owner, said. “It is extremely aggressive, ever trying to attack me or the kids, and so I decided to cook it. I got the rooster by the legs, took it out of the hen house, and put the knife to its neck. It screamed. My son who was by my side (he is 5) said, “Dad. It’s saying “Allah, Allah.!” Let him live.” I was shocked. I called my mother who listened to the rooster and said, “Let it be, son. It’s a blessing on our home.”

“I was talking to my daughter when I heard someone say “Allah, Allah!” in a strange voice,” Ismatullayev’s mother Ajlokhon said. “That was when my son called me. He had been about to cut the rooster’s neck. I went outdoors and saw the rooster calling Allah. I’d say that this is Allah’s gift to us. Our neighbors think so too.”

A rooster speaking (Ferghana Central Asia Information Agency, via Sploid)

MP3 of the rooster


The Jolly Nihilist said...

Well, I guess there are ridiculous "miracle" claims for every religion. For every "Allah"-screaming rooster, there's some podunk from the middle of the country who knows that Jesus appeared on a piece of wheat toast.

Stardust said...

frances...thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Did you listen to the rooster sound link? LOL! This just goes to show that people can see AND HEAR all kinds of odd things when they are brainwashed.

And it's scary how many phychos there are in the world!

Shinsyotta said...

At The Amazing Meeting 4, Prof. Richard Wiseman demonstrated this effect very well. He played several songs backwards for the audience and asked them if they heard any messages. He then played them again, with subtitles representing quotations with which the song has been attributed by Christians. Mostly, the quotations referenced Satan, etc.
Amazingly, when hearing the songs played backwards with subtitles, it was very easy to hear what we expected to hear.
Knowing what to expect from that audio clip, I did, in fact, hear "Allah... Allah...." quite clearly.

jhbowden said...

When working as an activist for Green Peas, I rescued a baby seal that could say "Dirkha Dirkha Mohammed Jihad!"

Rusko Elvenwood said...

I listened to the clip. I heard what could be contorted to sound like allah. It's suspicious that they would go out to slaughter the bird while recording it. Some people scare me.

Good post, as usual.

Stardust said...

Rusko - Good point. Some people will go to great lengths to promote their superstitious beliefs. The more they can get to join them, the more they can try to justify their delusions.

jhbowden said...

Michelle Malkin today has an article about the miracle fish of Allah.

Stardust said...

Jason- Allah's name is EVERYWHERE...he must be the true gawd! LOL!